Uroplatus aff. henkeli

Uroplatus aff. henkeli


Uroplatus aff. henkeli is an undescribed species of Uroplatus that is often imported as Uroplatus henkeli. There are a few consistent differences between the two that we can use to understand which species is being worked with to prevent accidental hybrids. Please note that the following is merely observational and does not mean to imply 100% accuracy. However, due to the lack of any other formal data, we must move push forward with what we have and amend as more data becomes available.


Upon initial inspection, U.aff.henkeli are significantly smaller in size compared to U.henkeli. Female U.aff.henkeli reach a maximum length of 5.5″ STV while female U.henkeli can reach 6.5-7″ STV. Males are slightly longer, yet more slender than females, averaging 6″ STV while male U.henkeli can obtain lengths of 7-8″ STV.


The overall size of the gecko is not to only feature that is noticeably different. Eye is also substantially smaller for U.aff.henkeli when compared to U.henkeli. The eyes of U.henkeli can be 30-50% larger than that of U.aff.henkeli.

The egg size of U.aff.henkeli is also significantly smaller than that of U.henkeli.

The bottom two eggs are that of U. aff. henkeli, while the egg above the ruler is that of U. henkeli.


Tongue Markings

One of more hidden, yet increasingly accurate method of distinguishing these two species is the absence of any dark pigments or markings on the tongue. In every specimen observed, U.henkeli always carry some dark pigment or marking on their tongues while U.aff.henkeli do not.

Uroplatus henkeli with distinguishable dark markings on the tongue.


Uroplatus off. henkeli lacks the dark marking on the tongue. Tongue markings are believed to be an accurate means of distinguishing U. aff. henkeli from U. henkeli.