Uroplatus henkeli

Uroplatus henkeli


Uroplatus henkeli was one of the first species exported in the pet trade thus making it a very common and beloved species with many long time keepers. Historically it’s been a commonly collected and exported species but more recent decreases in export quotas have encouraged a handful of breeders to ensure the longevity of the species in captivity.

U.henkeli is one of the largest species in the genus reaching a maximum length of 11-12″. They are a robust species that spends their days resting against small tree trunks. A dermal fringe runs the length of their bodies along side of their lowers jaws giving them what appears to be a “beard”. They are highly variable in patterning and coloration and it is suggested that U.henkeli is a complex including various species.

Range and Distribution

Uroplatus henkeli distribution map.


Captive Care

Care is the same to that of most others in the fimbriatus group. Daytime temperatures should be between 75-79°F with a drop in night time temps to around 72-74°F. UVB is certainly recommended, especially for breeding females and juveniles.

See also: Uroplatus fimbriatus care sheet


Uroplatus henkeli will take most suitable sized insects offered to them. The primary staple in many US based collections is large crickets and roaches. Supplementation via vitamin and calcium powders are given once per week for the juveniles and once every other week for the adults. With proper gutloading and access to UVB, most Uroplatus henkeli won’t require a tremendous amount of supplementation.


Uroplatus henkeli are some of the more consistent breeders amount the Uroplatus species.

See: Uroplatus fimbriatus care sheet


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