Uroplatus alluaudi

Uroplatus alluaudi

Mocquard, 1894


Uroplatus alluaudi is a smaller gecko in the Uroplatus genus and is closely related to Uroplatus guentheriThey have a larger flattened head and with a rather short serrated tail. Uroplatus alluaudi are found in a small area in Madagascar’s northern rainforest, where they occur alongside U.sikorae, U. giganteus, and U. finiavana, but are much less frequently seen than these species.

Uroplatus alluaudi are CITES Appendix II. They do not have an export quota and are not available in the hobby.

Uroplatus alluaudi in Montagne d’Ambre National Park. Photo © Mark D. Scherz, 2018